Herbal Tonic Water

Infused with the distinctive herbal bitterness of Chinese gentian root and the uniquely minty fragrance from the locally-farmed perfume lemon, our herbal tonic water reinvents the classic mixer with the essence of Hong Kong.

This extraordinary quinine-free elixir is tailor made to pair with your favourite gin, vodka and coffee.


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Spicy Ginger Soda

An original recipe by Mezzanine Makers with local ginger and peppercorn to spice things up for you. The layers of numbness and spiciness come in waves, assured but not overpowering. The sweet and sour backbone makes it blisteringly drinkable, on its own or with your favourite spirits.


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Sparkling Water

It is the local water that you drink everyday, with vibrant bubbles and a touch of minerals to make it tastier. Nothing fancy, just a crisp and clean sparkling water.


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Strawberry Yerba Mate Sparkling Tea

Found deep in the South American rainforest, Yerba Mate is the magical herbal tea that combines the strength of coffee and health benefits of tea. Containing caffeine, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and much more, our Strawberry Yerba Mate Sparkling Tea is a refreshing take on this ‘healthy coffee’, giving you a energy and focus boost to get through the day.


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Lemon Iron Buddha Sparkling Tea

A new take on your everyday drink, lightly roasted Iron Buddha tea complemented by locally farmed perfume lemon. Made with whole leave Iron Buddha tea and real lemon juice, this novel lemon tea is packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, the low sugar formula makes it a guilt-free choice to quench your thirst. The floral scent and rich sweetness of the tea is well balanced by the tartness and elegant fragrance of perfume lemon, bringing the rather routine lemon tea to the next level.

用原片花香鐵觀音茶葉沖泡,再加上本地出產香水檸檬原汁,重新想像固有的味道,造出更清新可口的檸檬茶。 低糖配方與鐵觀音的幽雅甜韻釀造出輕盈口感,再用香水檸檬的清香酸爽作點綴,將平平無奇的檸檬茶昇華為煥然一新的滋味。

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Prominent citrus note and a touch of candy-like
tropical fruit sweetness.

A crushable IPA with low bitterness and a punch of flavours.


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SOL Committee x Mezzanine Makers

Ma Wan Cola 

A collaboration by SOL Committee and Mezzanine Makers —
Ma Wan Cola. Made with whole cinnamon sticks, fresh orange and lime juice with vibrant bubbles. No artificial flavourings, all natrual taste.

「太陽系委員會」咖啡店聯乘「閣樓釀造」精心研製的原創人氣飲品— 馬灣可樂。用上原條肉桂,加入橙汁、青檸汁等天然材料烹煮, 再加上有氣梳打水調製而成,無添加人工香料。

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Sensory Zero x Mezzanine Makers

Coffee Tonic & Coffee Gin Tonic 
咖啡湯力 | 咖啡氈湯力

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